Check Ya’ Price Tag

Too many women are selling themselves short these days settling for little or nothing. Putting up with BS from men who have nothing to offer but sex and games, which at some point they realize neither are that good any way. There is something in these women that have caused them to believe they can’t or won’t find anything better.  Until they can see the value in themselves, no man good or bad will be able to see it either.


It’s easy to blame men for not respecting women, but respect is something women have to demand. At some point your self respect sets the tone for how the man/men in your life will treat you. He has to know that there is more to you than your body. Once that is established you must teach him your body is way to valuable to give to just anyone.Just because they SAY they like doesn’t mean your going to sleep with them. The reality is you’re either looking for a sex partner or life partner.Though it is true that a man does initially see you in a sexual nature, you determine if that’s how he continues to see you or if he sees more in you.

When a man meets you the first thing he does is check your price tag. He is going to assess your value based on how you carry yourself. If you let him cheat, lie, or mistreat you, you are basically lowering your price. At the end of the day if he can’t afford you the don’t let him have you, but at the same time there’s nothing wrong with pricing yourself out his range!!!