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The Perfect Love

The truth is there is no perfect relationship. The irony is people are walking away from good , healthy, sound relationships looking for the perfect relationship. What many don’t realize is the perfect relationship is just like the perfect church, it stops being perfect the moment you enter it. Instead of accepting that people have faults and loving them past their faults, we continue to look for that one who’ll come in flawless. Try not looking for the perfect person and start looking for the person who is perfect for you. Go in understanding they may not be complete, but can they complete you. Once you meet that person that truly completes you, then you have Mr/Mrs Perfect at least PERFECT for you.


Some might ask if that’s the same as settling? The answer to that is NO!!! Settling is when you except less than what you deserve assuming you can’t do any better. This is merely realizing that sometimes even the person who wants to offer you the world can just give you the stars. Just because they can’t give you it all doesn’t mean that they didn’t have a perfect intent to.


In comparison to a fairy tale, or even worse someone else’s relationship, your relationship may seem to be far from perfect. Don’t let the greener grass state of mind take over you, because it’s not that they have better grass they’re just taking better care of it. Just remember that fairy tales aren’t real and most times what others show you isn’t either. The most important thing to remember is the only person that you should expect perfection from in your relationship is GOD. Secondly, if someone can truly LOVE you and make you feel almost perfect even when you know you’re not, and you LOVE them the same, then you can have a PERFECT LOVE.